Using high quality manufacturing partners to get you the results you need.



Our clients can benefit from our

knowledge, contacts, and existing supplier relationships. 


That means we can provide the best product's and prices available from established suppliers.

We will work closely with your creative direction, and provide options and prices that will give you all the choices you need.



From your concept to the finished piece, we will work with you to plan and develop your collections.

Once we've understood your brand aesthetic, and objectives we'll work with you to find the perfect partners to bring your creative concept to life.

With artisanal expertise passed down through generations, combined with modern technologies, we can create jewellery in gold, silver, brass with micron plating and precious or semi-precious gemstones.


Our clients can access the best, audited manufacturing facilities available for their production. 

We provide manufacturing support from the on-set of your production to ensure a smooth process with no surprises.

Ensuring quality during production is paramount to achieving excellence.


Our quality program will be in place to follow and maintain the standards you expect.